How I beat cancer's ass…& other beat downs

YOUR Personality determines YOUR Personal Reality

Every life is a story. Every human is a book of adventures, triumphs, conquests and victories…defeats and lessons.

This is my journal/journey. A collection of pages from my story.

Act is the blossom of thought, and joy & suffering are its fruit.

James Allen
Ocean and sand


Thoughts are literal THINGS. Not tangible, physical ‘things’ but “thingy” enough to steer your very life.

Sand and ocean


Everything you want is because you believe that you’ll feel good in the having of it. Feel/Experience it now.

Clear water at the beach


This is what is inspired when you’ve already been intimate with the thought and experience of a thing.

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All of the labels I can affix to myself: male, black, heterosexual, American, adult, brother, son, friend…I am this & a thousand things more. I am, as are we all, an ever-growing, every-evolving someone.

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How I Beat Cancer's Ass…& Other Beat Downs