I’m a Professional At Crasting the Nation

Okay, so that title is stupid.

But I like it.

I figured I’d allow myself the freedom to write by not being OBLIGATED to find the perfect title, the most amazing topic or the ideal…anything.

I won’t be so hard on (giggidy) myself and just do. Often times I get so in my head about how I would look, how I might come off (giggidy) that I’d stop myself from doing a thing before I’d even start. I’ve had a ton…well maybe not a ton..more like pounds. I’d have pounds of ideas which I never initiated because I wanted to find a “more better” version or I couldn’t imagine being seen as someone who isn’t as polished as I envision myself to be.

F*@& that guy! I’m not perfect and I’m going to ‘fail’ a heap more times. What I put out there won’t be perfect. It won’t be the best I can EVER do. I am going to continue to grow, learn and outgrow what I’ve previously done. But the worst thing I can do is to not do anything at all.

So if you’re reading this, let’s make a pact! I will give you room to grow, mature and fail into the person who you wish to be and you do the same for me, yea?

<With the stipulation that we can’t be shitty on purpose. If either one of us sees that the other is content with being a shitty version of themselves with no active & comparable steps toward greatness…then pact retracted>

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