Take your hands off

Breathing. It’s an action I can shift from automatic to manual. But when I consciously take control, it becomes a task, laborious and less efficient. When I take my “hands” off of it, when I resolve to trust that process which has always proven to work, I am operating a body which takes in oxygen at the exact rate in which this body needs.

Of course, I reserve the ability to increase or decrease the intake and output at any desired moment.

So, much like the process of inhalation and exhaling, is life & my desires.

Because I AM is God, whatever God wants, God receives. It’s an immutable fact unless of course, God wants to continue to want something. At which point God will never attain it because the act of wanting is more desirable than attainment.

In essence, desiring a thing is pleasant. The attainment of a thing desired compounds the pleasure. The way to attainment is by allowing it to happen via desire then, taking my hands off of it while moving confidently in the direction of it, being surrounded by my answer.

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