Mental Musings

We’re all infinitely everything and the space between us is merely imaginal and performative.

We’re all manifesting in pockets of thoughts in the multiplicity of possibilities. If a idea is ideal, is pleasurable…pick, focus and live THAT by dwelling in it.

I am all of the “data dump,” the cellular information that has been passed through generations of my forbears. I am the information code immensely more complex than the most recently designed and technologically advanced tools mankind has ever made. I am genetic memory, “experience code,” the record of procreated humans. Aligned or in an ineffable way attached to the lineage (although it’s not a traditional lineage because there is no solid time). I am experiencing ancestral legacy in sync with past ancestors and those with which I am a past ancestor.

I am not only a strong biological code. I AM is also ALL experiencing itself through it’s creation. I AM is experience incarnate. Thought is consciousness. Consciousness is ALL. I AM is the conception of all. I AM is the conceiver of all.

There isn’t spirit vs flesh. It’s that the spirit is the flesh, Just at a denser vibration. Our bodies are a form of consciousness too. Everything is. That’s how existence works. The mechanics of the universe is cooperation. Quantum. Creation interacting with itself because there is nothing but self. All of life is imaginary because the Imaginer conceives of it all.

We’re all pretending for ourselves. There is no separation. All is a play we entertain ourselves with. We are all 1.

Why don’t we publicly speak about how WILD and amazing it is that there exists ANYTHING at all? Existence is an anomaly, if approached from a purely physical perspective. Existence is futile, if approached from a purely spiritual perspective. A marriage between the two is needed to be effective in either.

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