A vile, wretched word spawned from malignant tounges.
The word “lonely” has siblings birthed from tortured thought.
I sit in this space, solitarily—the only one of my kind—an anomalous subject without any action predicated upon.

I am.
I am only lonely when I don’t complete the thought. I am not separate from the stars. I am not separate from the cosmos. All separation is illusory.

There is only one thing. There is only GOD. Therefore no thing can exist apart from its source. All materials we use for mass production are natural. A car is no more or less indigenous than an apple sprout from a tree. The material is of earth and, therefore, natural. Metal is just as much nature as is oxygen.

Earth, too, is an arbitrary limitation. If a vehicle were constructed from a meteor via some celestial body, it would be no less a part of what makes me, me.

Carbon-based material is merely a fraction of what I am. I am a body, yes. But I am not only a body, just as a body is not merely an arm.

As a concession, there is value in ascribing limitations to things.
In communication, the consensus is to separate everything in an attempt to operate on a common level. Ex: “There is a cat in the driveway.”
The subject: ‘cat’ has to be separate from the noun ‘driveway’ so the reader can differentiate between the two.
Separation is utilized to express.
In my opinion, separation is utilized too express.
Separation is utilized to excess.

Comfort is in the infinite/inherent oneness of all.

Loneliness is illusory.

Loneliness is separation taken too far.

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