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A vile, wretched word spawned from malignant tounges.
The word “lonely” has siblings birthed from tortured thought.
I sit in this space, solitarily—the only one of my kind—an anomalous subject without any action predicated upon.

I am.
I am only lonely when I don’t complete the thought. I am not separate from the stars. I am not separate from the cosmos. All separation is illusory.

There is only one thing. There is only GOD. Therefore no thing can exist apart from its source. All materials we use for mass production are natural. A car is no more or less indigenous than an apple sprout from a tree. The material is of earth and, therefore, natural. Metal is just as much nature as is oxygen.

Earth, too, is an arbitrary limitation. If a vehicle were constructed from a meteor via some celestial body, it would be no less a part of what makes me, me.

Carbon-based material is merely a fraction of what I am. I am a body, yes. But I am not only a body, just as a body is not merely an arm.

As a concession, there is value in ascribing limitations to things.
In communication, the consensus is to separate everything in an attempt to operate on a common level. Ex: “There is a cat in the driveway.”
The subject: ‘cat’ has to be separate from the noun ‘driveway’ so the reader can differentiate between the two.
Separation is utilized to express.
In my opinion, separation is utilized too express.
Separation is utilized to excess.

Comfort is in the infinite/inherent oneness of all.

Loneliness is illusory.

Loneliness is separation taken too far.

The Tale of Two States

There are always at least two options when dealing with any decision.

The license to look pessimistically or optimistically is a superpower no one can steal from you. The attitude you hold when making any decision is always up to you.
If you were to find a $20 bill at random without anyone to claim it, you could rejoice at the unplanned financial increase, or you can lament because had you found the $20 earlier, you wouldn’t have had to eat only ramen noodles for the last three days.

Your approach to how the world works is your personal philosophy.

Is the world out to get you, or do you get to choose your adventure on this floating sphere of gravitated water and rock?

Since our lives are largely collaborative, we get to yield and compromise with others in choosing our adventures. For example, if we awoke this morning in a building, chances are we didn’t build it ourselves. There were others who contributed to the design, and the plumbing. More than likely, we are in a particular agreement with the governing energy/electrical company, which supplies you with utilities of convenience.
With this and other collaborations, we are not complete makers of our environment, but there are no such collaborations regarding your way of thinking, your perspective.
That is 100% yours.
And as such, you have the choice on a second-by-second basis to steer your thoughts to any place you desire. Whether a situation is good or bad or if you would rather not judge the situation at all, that is entirely within your power to do so.

At the time of writing this, I am 36, single, living in Long Beach, California, and would like very much to come home to my best friend. To have a best friend with whom I can share this life.
Post cancer medical bills are expensive, California is costly, COVID is inconvenient, and isolation is familiar.
If I choose to, I could bring myself to tears by enumerating the reasons for sadness. Or, I can adjust my focus without denying or invalidating the not-so-pleasant events in my life.

I am in sunny California. A state I admired as a kid while watching shows like Saved By The Bell and movies like Last Action Hero. I am alive. I have a job that supplies me with the monetary compensation to purchase necessities and desires. I have beautiful friends who have even better personalities.

There are always at least two options when facing any decision. The option to look upon things with possibility or limit yourself by only seeing negativity.

Mental Musings

We’re all infinitely everything and the space between us is merely imaginal and performative.

We’re all manifesting in pockets of thoughts in the multiplicity of possibilities. If a idea is ideal, is pleasurable…pick, focus and live THAT by dwelling in it.

I am all of the “data dump,” the cellular information that has been passed through generations of my forbears. I am the information code immensely more complex than the most recently designed and technologically advanced tools mankind has ever made. I am genetic memory, “experience code,” the record of procreated humans. Aligned or in an ineffable way attached to the lineage (although it’s not a traditional lineage because there is no solid time). I am experiencing ancestral legacy in sync with past ancestors and those with which I am a past ancestor.

I am not only a strong biological code. I AM is also ALL experiencing itself through it’s creation. I AM is experience incarnate. Thought is consciousness. Consciousness is ALL. I AM is the conception of all. I AM is the conceiver of all.

There isn’t spirit vs flesh. It’s that the spirit is the flesh, Just at a denser vibration. Our bodies are a form of consciousness too. Everything is. That’s how existence works. The mechanics of the universe is cooperation. Quantum. Creation interacting with itself because there is nothing but self. All of life is imaginary because the Imaginer conceives of it all.

We’re all pretending for ourselves. There is no separation. All is a play we entertain ourselves with. We are all 1.

Why don’t we publicly speak about how WILD and amazing it is that there exists ANYTHING at all? Existence is an anomaly, if approached from a purely physical perspective. Existence is futile, if approached from a purely spiritual perspective. A marriage between the two is needed to be effective in either.